Varejeiros is a new 360º consultancy specialized in strategy and business management. From theoretical thinking to practical solutions. From brand positioning to sales channels.

Our work doesn’t simply end with the presentation of slides. It also involves the second and often more challenging step in the process: the execution that, in practice, brings challenges that can put to question the best of strategies. It’s also at this stage that a strategy developed without a base in reality or real stakeholder participation risks collapsing.

And that’s also when our ability to persevere but also to identify new opportunities and adapt makes a difference.  From blue-sky thinking to turbulent times, we find answers to the essential questions of your company.



          WHO WE ARE


Breno Salek and Paulo Schwarz have more than 20 years of experience in leading positions in national and international consumer goods companies in the fashion, sports, cosmetics and food segments.
Our work covers the complete business cycle. And it’s this broad vision of strategic management that we offer to our clients.
Our contribution to your business can include the identification of the strategic drivers of profit and long-term growth and the recommendation of levers of value creation, two crucial aspects that are often overlooked.
We also focus on assessing brand positioning and investment in key expansion vectors such as the development of new channels, franchise networks and e-commerce expansion.

Breno Salek: Graduated in Business Administratior from UFRJ, with specialization in Marketing from ESPM-SP, MBA in Retail from FIA / USP and business management from INSPER. Over 20 years of experience in consumer goods companies such as C & A, Alpargatas, Natue, Grupo Boticário and ASICS. Also co-founder of the cosmetics chain The Beauty Box, managing the opening of 50 physical stores and e-commerce as well as developing an own-brand product line. Recently worked as the LATAM Commercial Director for the ASICS brand.


Paulo Schwarz: Experience in product development, trade marketing, competitive intelligence, expansion and franchise. He worked at CBD, Avon, Boticário Group and Quiksilver Brasil, where he was responsible for the retail operations.








Our experience is solid and we have a network of associate consultants. They are multidisciplinary professionals with whom we already faced challenges in the most diverse areas including brand positioning, visual merchandising, e-commerce, franchising, financial planning and architecture. We offer a one-stop shop place where the customer has access to some of the best professionals in the market.

  • Liris Gonçalves

    Great international background and extensive experience in multi-channel business management in the cosmetics, jewelry and fashion markets.

  • Gustavo Brandão

    Experience of more than 25 years in leading positions in the retail area, being responsible for operations and store projects in Alpargatas.


A U-Turn – Your brand  loses market share and needs an in-depth market analysis on best practices, competitors and internal obstacles to turn the game around.

AN “OUTSIDER´S” POINT OF VIEW – or independent processes and governance. They are essential, for example, in family organizations. We also do process mapping and staffing to support transition companies from family to professional management.

EXPERTS IN THE BRAZILIAN MARKET – You want to enter Brazil and need market advice as well as legal and tax expertise.

ACCESS TO A NETWORK OF INVESTORS – You have an interesting business idea or proposal and you need contacts and smart money to make it viable.

A VALUE PROPOSAL – Needing support in defining the essential values that guide your brand, team, your performance and your communication with the customer.

BRAND CONSISTENCY – Looking for a consistent brand strategy across all channels to create brand lovers and a grab a space in the day to day of your target audience.

PRODUCT STRATEGY – Do you need to review your portfolio? Or does your brand need a “face lift”, which reflects your values and ensures your spot in the sun.

DEVELOPING SALES CHANNELS – Does your company want to integrate physical and online channels? Is your brand franchisable? We support new business areas of already established organizations, helping them develop new points of sale, be it in stores, kiosks, e-commerce or with a network of franchises.

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